Guest House Rental Rates (without accommodations)

2 Hour Rental is $55.00

3 Hour Rental is $75.00

4-5 Hour Rental is $100.00

Included in this price is the full use of the kitchen, fridge, oven, dishwasher, coffee maker, all dishes, cutlery and linens. A $100 damage deposit is required at time of booking and will be returned upon inspection of guest house (cheque preferred, if using charge card processing fees will not be reimbursed).

Moon Gate has partnered with local practitioners who offer a variety of therapies.

Reflexology – One Hour

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are nerve endings in the feet that correspond to a part, gland or organ in the body.  By stimulating those nerve endings it sends electrical impulses to that part of the body that help the body heal from the inside out.  The three main benefits of reflexology are:  improved circulation, relaxes the body so it may heal, and aids the body back to homeostasis by purely natural means.

Reiki – 1 ½ Hours

Reiki is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. A Reiki treatment is a way of increasing your life energy. A practitioner will transmit Reiki to the client through the hands.  A treatment can feel like a warm glowing radiance that flows through the body. It is a very relaxing experience and some clients report the body feeling heavy as it relaxes and yet the spirit or emotions feeling light at the same time. A treatment will usually release negative feelings or thoughts leaving the client feeling more positive, light hearted and with feelings of well-being.

Hot Stone Massage – 1 hour

This unique therapy uses high-energy palm stones, which have been formed by sedimentary and volcanic action. Hot Stone Massage is a very effective modality not only because of the warm stone’s thermal conduction effects, which bring about local and systemic changes in the body and emit a profoundly penetrating heat that melts tension from each muscle but also because it can influence the energy centers for body and mind balancing submerging you into a state of oneness with Mother Earth. This unique therapy will guide you into a deeper dimension of relaxation, health and well being.

Ortho-bionomy – 1 hour

The practitioner will work with you and your body to facilitate healing and guide you to bring your awareness into your body moving it into positions of comfort to ease your pain from injury, tension, and misalignments.  Sessions are relaxing and enjoyable.

Ortho-bionomy can help with frozen necks and shoulders, headaches, sciatic pain, carpel tunnel, and more.