Inspiration for this room comes from a trip to Nova Scotia with the family. With cozy twin antique beds, round stones from the Atlantic Ocean, and antique trunk, you’ll sleep comfortably.

A self catered breakfast is included: wood-fired sourdough, fresh eggs, hand crafted-jams, fruit, coffee, tea, milk, cream and butter. Prepare your own breakfast at your leisure. We focus on local and organic as much as possible.

Moon Gate is wheelchair accessible with all amenities on the same level. There are two shared bathrooms. We are LGBTQ+ and Cannabis friendly.

Feel at home in the well appointed living room and kitchen that allows for 20 or more people for a special dining experience and ample space for larger groups or gatherings and events such as house concerts, workshops, quilt making, yoga, and meditation retreats.

Sweat it out in our 90-degree Finnish-style sauna that seats six comfortably. The steam, known as löyly to the Finns, translates to ‘spirit, breath, and soul’. When Mother Earth is asleep, this is the next best thing to a ceremonial sweat lodge. Relax, be quiet or socialize, drink lots of water and enjoy the blissful post-sauna feeling of having cleaned both your body and your mind. Essential oils and smudging in the sauna are encouraged.

The riverside gazebo is your intimate spot to read, nap or listen to birds chirping. There is a fire-pit area with wood supplied and a BBQ for grilling.