Moon Gate is located in the Whitemouth River Valley on a country road that follows the bends in the Whitemouth River between Elma and Whitemouth. Historically, the guest house was an egg grading station in the 1970s. Egg farmers from all around brought their eggs here to be processed before shipping to the consumer. Many old-timers recall being employed by Whiteshell Eggs and have shared their stories of working in this happy place.

The repurposed materials sauna built from a 1930s half-log siding kit from Simpson Sears that came from the Whiteshell is one of a kind. We’ve added personal touches like Whitemouth River driftwood for the door handles, a salvaged piece of 2×4 worn by the river for towel hooks and an old #5 crock for the water.

For a brief time, the building was a tongue depressor and wooden stir stick factory. This historic multi-use building is now a destination for music, food and cultural ceremony and events.

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