Project Description



Balance your body and mind

Ortho-bionomy is a gentle form of bodywork that has evolved into a unique, complete system of natural healing based on non-force handling of the body’s tension. This safe, natural method ranges from gentle bodywork to the esoteric energy techniques. Ortho-bionomy focuses on the bones; where they fit together and the stress and tension at the joints. The three benefits of Ortho-bionomy are:

  • Aids in recovering from injuries, surgery and stress,

  • Reduces muscle tension, and soothes joints, and

  • Increases flexibility and range of movement.

The practitioner will work with you and your body to facilitate healing and guide you to bring your awareness into your body moving it into positions of comfort to ease your pain from injury, tension, and misalignments. Ortho-bionomy can help with frozen necks and shoulders, headaches, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, and more.

Loosen tight muscles around restricted areas and allow the body’s self-correcting reflexes to naturally bring your structure back into alignment.

Disconnect. You deserve it.

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