Seven Steps to Navigating Your Spiritual Footprint

Métis means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is distinct from other Indigenous peoples, is of Historic Nation ancestry, and is accepted by the Métis Nation.”

What does it mean to be of Historic Métis Nation ancestry? One must have an ancestral connection to the historic Métis community.  This is more than proving that one has an ever-so-great “Indian” ancestor.  The requirement is for an ancestral connection to a “Métis” ancestor.  Further, that Métis ancestor must have lived, used and occupied the Historic Métis Nation Homeland.

Borrowed from the document “Who are the Métis in the Métis National Council? By Jean Teillet

We look forward to showing you around the guest house.  You will appreciate the details in the rooms and décor.  Wonder around the land with us, along the Whitemouth River and learn about medicinal plants and wild edibles.

Coming in the fall of 2020, the river round house and teaching lodge will be an exclusive off-grid experience for those who truly want to disconnect.  The round house sits adjacent to the sweat lodge that was gifted to the land by Creator under the guidance of elder, Dennis Morrison (Bebahmoytung)

Spiritual Caregiver, Muskrat-Ode-dam (Clan).

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“Transformation is an inside job! Good thing you have everything you need within you!”

Sometimes you simply need to invest in the time dedicated to yourself to work on your shit! No I’m not kidding!

Wouldn’t you want to live your life from a place of mastering as oppose to a living on autopilot like a zombie. Of course you would. But we get so deep into our ruts that we don’t know how to navigate the footprints to stepping out.

In this retreat we will be exploring 7 steps:

Step 1: Connecting with Your Guides
Step 2: Switch ON Your 12-Strand DNA
Step 3: Clearing Your Karma
Step 4: Forgiveness
Step 5: Operating From Your Heart
Step 6: Travel to a Future Lifetime
Step 7: Releasing Attachments of Codependency

We will be spend 4 days/3 nights together nestled along the Whitemouth River at the Moon Gate Guest House, a peaceful retreat centre in the Whiteshell.

Each day you will take a few steps, learning the knowledge, putting into practice through journalling, reflection and sharing. You will empower yourself knowing that your next steps are sure footed.

Click on this link for all the details you need to make a healthy choice for you!


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