Life is a Journey of Shared Experiences

When we share our stories, lives and passions with one another, we increase knowledge and understanding. Indigenous history is largely an oral history and storytelling is how knowledge is kept and shared. There’s no greater way to experience Métis culture than through authentic experiences. Upon arriving on the land where Moon Gate is located, your hosts, Jenny and Michel will greet you with open arms. We hope you’ll immediately feel at ease because it’s the Métis way!

Fire Element

Ceremonial Sweat Lodge

Sweat lodges are heated, dome-shaped structures used by Indigenous peoples during certain purification rites and as a way to promote healthy living.

Ekosi (it is done) Wikowin (human abode)

The Ekosi Wikowin sits adjacent to the sweat lodge that was gifted to the land by Creator under the guidance of elder, Dennis Morrison (Bebahmoytung), Spiritual Caregiver, Muskrat-Ode-dam (Clan). All are welcome to join us for special events or ceremonies throughout the year. A Sweat Lodge Ceremony needs to be requested in advance, following traditional protocols. CONTACT US directly to to learn more.

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Earth Element

Smudge Ceremony & Sharing Circle

Each Sharing Circle is opened with a smudging ceremony to release negativity and open us to share our journey.

We smudge to clear the air around us and to cleans our minds so that we will have good thoughts. We smudge our eyes so that we will only see good things. We smudge our ears so that we will only hear good things. We smudge our mouths so that we will only speak of good things. We smudge our whole being so that we will only feel good things. Smudging prepares you for sharing in the circle, praying, sweat lodge, connecting with nature, and your higher being.

Honorariums accepted.

Earth Element

Plant Walks

You are warmly invited to join in an Indigenous plant walk directed by Spirit Keeper who will guide an exploration of local plants, their meaning and uses.

We believe, all living beings (two legged), trees (one legged), animals (four legged), insects (creepy crawlies), plant kingdom, and everything else that exists on Earth has a spirit.

During your plant walk you will first be guided to a grounding experience to help you connect with the plant spirits. With a basket and journal in hand, we will walk the land and learn what plants are edible, when to harvest and how to eat. You will learn about medicinal plants used for tea, poultices and tinctures. You will take home your wild harvest.

2 Hour Immersive Experience

This event is outdoors, dress accordingly. Wild tea blends and our beautiful Moon Gate mugs will be available for sale.
Rate: $40 ea

Earth Air Fire Water Elements

Explore Like a Voyageur

Get a glimpse of what it was like for voyageurs to traverse the land by snowshoe on the Whitemouth River in Treaty 3 with a guided tour via snowshoe.

Snowshoeing was once the mode of travel for voyageurs during winter months when rivers froze over. This type of travel still exists today but on shorter journeys.

Your guide will share history of the Métis and share stories of growing up in Northern Manitoba. You’re then invited to get cozy around the campfire to cook Bannock and drink wild harvested tea from the Agassiz Forest. Later, enjoy traditional Métis food cooked on open flame. Before bed, you can heat things up in the 90˚ sauna to sooth your body, mind and spirit.

Seasonal: Roughly November-March

Earth Air Fire Water Elements

Round House

Our Round House, built in a symbolic circular shape, is a place used to rest, heal, celebrate, seek guidance or even to mourn. A perfect space to get re-connected.

Ekosi (it is done) Wikowin (human abode)

The Ekosi Wikowin located next to the Whitemouth River is a labour of love. Created by Golden Sun Man (Michel) from his heart through his hands; it is a special off-grid round house.

With wide views of nature and the river, you will feel deeply connected with the land, trees and water. This is an alcohol free space due to the sensitive nature of its location next to the sweat lodge and is used as a teaching lodge.

You’ll be asked to disconnect to connect by turning your phone off and focusing on what really matters. Launch your own canoe or kayak from the dock, or have a seat while sipping your morning tea or coffee as the sun rises.

Seasonal: Roughly May-October

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A Part of Our History

Moon Gate is located in the Whitemouth River Valley on a country road that follows the bends in the Whitemouth River between Elma and Whitemouth. Historically, the guest house was an egg grading station in the 1970s. Egg farmers from all around brought their eggs here to be processed before shipping to the consumer. Many old-timers recall being employed by Whiteshell Eggs and have shared their stories of working in this happy place.

The repurposed materials sauna built from a 1930s half-log siding kit from Simpson Sears that came from the Whiteshell is one of a kind. We’ve added personal touches like Whitemouth River driftwood for the door handles, a salvaged piece of 2×4 worn by the river for towel hooks and an old #5 crock for the water.

For a brief time, the building was a tongue depressor and wooden stir stick factory. This historic multi-use building is now a destination for music, food and cultural ceremony and events.